"Leap, and the net will appear"

-John Burroughs


It doesn't take a psychic to know you have a few questions.

What is a session with Danielle all about?
We sit face-to-face (skype or phone is excellent) and I go into a deep meditation.  After we set some boundaries and create a deeply healing space, you talk to me about what's going on, and I watch the energy.  Information comes to me in the form of pictures, words, feelings, and a channeled "knowing" that seems to come from somewhere far more intelligent than I.  I communicate the pictures, but more importantly, we work together to use the pictures like we are solving a mystery.
We move into a deep healing session where I use my hand chakras to remove negative patterns and blocks that have presented themselves in the pictures.  We then move to strengthen the energy in present time which will help you to connect with your own power and best choices most deeply.
Often I suggest a spiritual program that you can practice in order to gain more power and control over your own energy, and your ability to heal yourself and see your answers.  You can absolutely take or leave these suggestions.  We work together to create a program that resonates with you.  You are your own best teacher.
Many clients report feeling much lighter after a session.  They are able to see their own choices with more clarity and they can use the pictures to check in with their own feelings about how to navigate certain decisions.  I tell you what I see, but more importantly, I help you learn how and where to look for yourself.  
Free Consultation
It can be hard to conceive of the efficacy of this type of work over the airwaves.  Please shoot Danielle an email to schedule a 15-minute consultation..
How much is a reading?
A 75 minute reading is $108 and incorporates a combination of healing and reading to align you with your path.
When your reading is scheduled, a PayPal invoice will be issued.  Payment must be received 2 hours prior to appointment time.
All readings are performed on Skype or phone.
Danielle offers a limited number of readings in-person in San Rafael, California.
How is Danielle's style different from a "fortune teller"?
A fortune teller will tell you your future.  Danielle will help you see your path.  Through collaborative healing, we use the clairvoyant pictures to remove the debris of life that causes confusion, and help you see which pictures are the breadcrumbs on your path.  
Danielle graduated from the clairvoyant program at Berkley Psychic Institute, a year-long program of study.
She received her reiki attunement levels 1, 2 and Master degree (teaching.)  She brings compassion, a sense of humor,
and a passion for helping people find their true path. 
What if I just want a reiki healing?
Then you can get just a reiki healing!  Try the free consultation to see how beautifully this works.

Danielle Rosa

At age sixteen, I had a spiritual awakening after losing my best friend to suicide.  As I experienced the process of her passing from this world to another, I realized that we don't die.  


In the years following,  I began meditating, reading the Tao Te Ching, reading tarot, and tracking my dreams.  I became attuned in Reiki and uncovered a family secret that healed my identity.  I realized that I have a gift for seeing the truth.  I trained at the Berkley Psychic Institute, where I learned to heal and read without draining others or being drained.


 When your awakening begins, it can come in many forms.  Truth tugs at you quietly at first, and becomes less subtle when ignored.  If you're in the middle of a breakdown, I can't promise to tell your fortune.  But, I can start by helping you laugh through it, and giving you tools to see and navigate your own path. Immense illumination can happen in our joining, and trust me, those who find me are ready for their truth.



© 2014 by Danielle Rosa

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