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"Leap and the net will appear"
-John Burroughs

“Danielle is extraordinarily gifted, insightful, wise, generous, kind, down to earth. She is authentic and natural, uses gentle humor, graciousness, and truly helpful ways to heal, learn, balance oneself. I have lived in different parts of the country, gone to various good practitioners, but without hesitation, she is, far and away, the best reiki practitioner and "reader" whom I have ever encountered. I trust her completely and recommend her wholeheartedly.”


"I had a reading with Danielle a couple of weeks ago and she was amazing... I know that a lot of people can be slightly skeptical about getting a reading. I did a reading over the phone and was blown away at how it went. She was able to describe things in my life only people closest to me knew. I am so grateful for her gift and willingness to be a light to others. I already have my next reading scheduled with her."


"I am so so glad to have worked with Danielle! It's one of those little experiences that has made a HUGE impact! I rave about her to all my friends! The difference is clear. Since working with Danielle, I feel more on track with my purpose, more grounded, and have a sense of trust that I'm following my right path in all arenas of life."


"When I was in a place of needing change and a different perspective, Danielle appeared. I'm a scientist, engineer, and about as left-brained as they come. But, I couldn't help having the strong need to find a different perspective with what I needed to work through."


"She is 100% the real deal. Seriously. If you are ready for a transformation on whatever level you are on, she can absolutely guide you, and help you heal along your path. Danielle literally just knows, even if you don't yet. Her readings are incredible and powerful and enriched with so much genuine LOVE."


"Danielle, as many have been stating, is awesome. She is humble, funny, kind, hospitable, and amazing at what she does. She will know exactly what you need done, even if you don't know yourself (sometimes especially so). I have been to other reiki practitioners before, but Danielle is far and away the best one to date.; she is extremely intuitive, aligned, honest, compassionate, and skilled. I highly recommend her."


"Danielle is an incredibly gifted healer and psychic. I've received many energetic readings in various forms all of my life, and I can honestly say that Danielle is one of the best. I've gotten multiple sessions from her and through the guidance she's shown me, have been able to heal deeply rooted traumas and completely transform my life. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking healing and illumination on any areas of their life :)"


"Danielle was amazing, kind and so incredibly informative. My husband and I had her come to our home to do a couple's reading as a gift for our wedding anniversary. She was able to give me a mantra to help heal some past traumas and it has been very restorative. We hope to use her services again in the future and highly recommend to anyone looking to connect deeper to their higher self!"


"I traveled to the Russian River area with a group of girlfriends and we had Danielle come and do readings for us along the banks of the river. She really helped us come together as a group and set beautiful intentions for the months to come. We still talk about the impact of Danielle's readings now."


"Danielle is an absolute gem. It was my first reading EVER and I wasn't entirely sure what to expect. She offered deep warmth, insight, and wisdom - illuminating for me a forgotten path forward. Thank you Danielle!"


"Danielle is amazing- she helped me to connect with pain over losing a loved one and find more peace and healing with their passing."

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